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Mike installed our 8-camera system flawlessly. His work is very clean and professional and his equipment choice is top of the line. Mike is a very warm, open and honest man and educated this technically challenged lady on the ins and outs of the system with ease. We love our new system!

Kim, Cincinnati


Thanks to Mike at OP Home Security we can monitor the property, inside & outside, and hopefully stop these idiots from using our neighborhood as their personal shopping mall every other day. Thanks again, Mike.

Rich, Cincinnati


Very professional, he did a great job installing our bars 16 security cameras.

Mellissa, Lawrenceburg


OP Home Security LLC did a great and professional job he was very understanding, he helped us out alot I would recommend him too anyone Thanks Mike!

Sarah, Hamilton


I had 4 cameras installed last weekend and I am very happy with the results! The cameras work great, have wonderful clarity, and the playback system is easy to use. It even tells me when motion happens so I don't have to review every second of the recording. I also love that I can view my cameras from my phone! I feel safer already!

Laura, Reading




This is a fine company to do business with. Excellent communication and attention to customer needs exceeded my expectations.

Mark, Loveland



Mike with OP Home Security went above and beyond the call of duty! Not only did he provide stellar customer service but he provided multiple phone support sessions and then came over a weekend and completely solved our alarm system problems. Because of Mike, we now have a working system! We highly recommended him and plan to tell our friends and family about his professional service.

Liz - Batavia



I know Mr Long very well I served with him. He is very dependable and a honest man. Very rare these days give him a try.

Bob A


OP Home Security System did an excellent job installing eight security cameras on my property. Not only was Mr. Michael Long prompt, professional, trustworthy and clean...he was very affordable and honest.... After shopping around for a couple months, OP offered me the best deal with the best cameras. Mr. Long was neat and careful when installing the system and it looks absolutely wonderful from the inside and outside. He cares about the property/job as much as you do and that's what will make this small business a very successful one. I would recommend Mr. Long for any job, big or small.

Abdiel - Cincinnati


Trust is the most important element to have for installing such a system. With Mike Long, you have it as your foundation.

Tom - Cincinnati



I've been so stressed for months now because I knew our cleaning lady has been stealing from us. First it was a $50.00 bill, I was hesitant because I liked this girl very much and couldn't believe she would do this. As time went on I just kept an eye on things. Not until July of this year more things started missing again. We ordered a camera that sat right in front of her and she still kept getting into things. We just had a little cheap camera and it only covered one spot, ...not the whole bedroom. Then it happened......not only money missing, my RM380 I had just bought in May was gone, my wedding rings were gone which the large diamond belonged to my mom, that can't be replace and I was heartbroken. That very day my hubby got on line and found Mike. He was here like Johnny on the spot, explained everything, set us up and the cleaning girl got caught on her next visit! Plain as day you saw her hand go into the drawer, take out the money and put in her bra!! What more can we ask for? She was arrested, taken to jail and now because we are seniors she is charged with a felony. Sure wish we had contacted Mike sooner, HE'S THE BEST!!!!!!


Phylis - Cincinnati

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