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The SAL (Stun, Alarm, Light) Stun Gun Purple has triple the protection! With just this one self-defense weapon, you can stun any attacker, scare them off with a very loud 120 dB alarm, and temporarily blind attackers with the 120-lumen flashlight. Your Safety Matters! Defend yourself with 4.8 milliamps and 95 million volts. The SAL has a safety switch to help protect you from any accidental discharges. The SAL stun gun comes with a durable nylon holster that you can loop onto your belt. If you need to conceal it somewhere else, at only 4 inches long. We also offer a lifetime warranty. The SAL Stun Gun is fully chargeable via a micro USB charge cable. Specifications: 95,000,000 Volts 120 Lumen Flashlight 120 Decibel Alarm Nylon Holster Included 4.8 Milliamps Rechargeable Lifetime Warranty Available in 3 colors: Black, Pink, Purple

SAL (Stun, Alarm, Light) Stun Gun Purple

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