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The SkylinkNet Alarm System SK-150 is a DIY, self-monitored security system, with no monthly fees contract. The Alarm System Kit is controlled by the Internet Hub and includes a motion sensor and a door/window sensors. By connecting Skylink’s Internet Hub to a wireless internet router, the security system coordinates the activities of all receivers and sensors with the help of the smartphone app.

Expandable System has the freedom to add up to 100 devices (SkylinkNet Sensors or Home Control Receivers) and up to 10 Cameras at anytime. Furthermore, SkylinkNet is IFTTT compatible, allowing you to integrate the system seamlessly with other manufacturer Smarthome devices.

With Skylink’s app, users have complete control of the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit which allows users to arm and disarm their alarm systems from anywhere. If the door or window sensor detects motion, the internet hub will send the user a push notification through the app. The app also allows users to view events that set off alarms through the live video monitoring that can be observed through a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit features a backup battery. In case of a power failure, all units and sensors would continue to work as a local alarm with an external siren. The SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit can be paired with an emergency dialer that connects through a phone line to notify the user of the triggered alarm.

SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit Mini, SK-150

SKU: SK-150

    – Arm/disarm the system and see the sensor status with the Skylink App
    – IFTTT compatible, allowing you to integrate the system seamlessly with other manufacturer Smarthome devices.
    – SkylinkNet available for IOS and Android.
    – Receive push notifications anytime a new activity takes place.
    – No monthly fees and no contract.Con
    – Conveniently arm/disarm with the Keychain Remote within a range of 300ft.Easy
    – Installation and do-it-yourself (DIY).
    – Add up to 100 sensors or controllers for additional control.
    – In case of power outage, backup batteries will provide additional protection and uninterrupted runtime.
    – Event Log stores all recent activities in your history.
    – Add up to ten cameras for video monitoring; view live and recorded footage.
    – Add Outdoor Solar Siren for additional security.
    – Be connected during power failure by External Telephone Dialer.
    – All sensors and main unit are operated by AA/AAA alkaline batteries to ensure low cost running cost.

  • – Internet Hub
    – 1 x Window/Door Sensor*
    – 1 x Motion Sensor*
    – Power Adapter
    – Ethernet Cable
    – Mounting Accessories

    *AA / AAA Batteries are not included

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