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TheMace Sports Model Pepper Spray Black is the perfect solution for joggers and sports enthusiasts who are looking for an effective and accurate form of protection. This convenient unit contains 18 grams of 10% Oleoresin Capsicum and has a spray range of 12 feet with 20 short bursts; making it ideal for any emergency situation. This model comes with a finger grip that will self-align in your hand and allows for easy aim, as well as a flip top safety lid to prevent accidental spraying and assures you are spraying in the correct direction. Using the adjustable Velcro-like strap allows you to keep your pepper spray safely in your hand while on the go or you can conveniently attach it to your keychain so you'll always have it within reach at all times. Spray also contains UV dye to help with identification during police investigations.� The Mace Pepper Spray Sports Model is the ideal secure protection solution when faced with potentially dangerous scenarios during outdoor activities. Made in the USA Product Features: - Contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum. - UV Dye to help with identification. - 18 gram / 0.63oz unit design. - Accurate & effective protection up to 12 feet away. - Contains about 20 short bursts. - Flip top safety lid prevents accidental spraying. - Finger grip for easy aim. - Securely fastens in hand with the adjustable Velcro-like strap - May also be carried on a keychain.

Mace Sports Model Pepper Spray Black

SKU: 80761
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