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The Mace Personal Model Triple Action pepper spray is the perfect non-lethal self-defense tool for protect yourself and for those you love. Its 3 in 1 formula contains tear gas, OC spray, and UV dye, so you can feel safe when faced with an aggressor.
The tear gas causes profuse tearing, shortness of breath, and disorientation while the OC Spray also causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, as well as intense burning sensations for your attacker. The Invisible UV Dye helps to identify attackers for criminal investigations after the event has occurred.
This personal model also comes with a flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental misfires and a finger-grip dispenser to easily self-align for aiming at the target. It has an impressive range of 12 feet and up to 20 bursts of stream pattern spray with each 18 gram device. There's a built-in keychain attachment so it fits conveniently in your bag or pocket without taking up much space.
Made in the USA
Product Features:
- 18 grams / 0.63oz
- Unique three-in-one formula
- Tear gas causes profuse tearing eyes, shortness of breath & disorientation
- OC spray causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing & burning sensations
- Invisible UV Dye identifies attacker for criminal investigations
- Spray range up to 12 feet
- Up to 20 bursts of stream pattern spray
- Flip top safety cap prevents accidental misfires
- Finger grip dispenser self aligns for easy aiming
- Built in Keychain

Mace Personal Model Triple Action Pepper Spray

SKU: 80841
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