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Mace Pepper Gun Refill. Compatible with any model of Mace Pepper Gun! Refilling your Mace Brand Pepper Gun is made simple with the OC refill cartridges. To get started, just follow these three simple steps: 1. To open the barrel, simply slide forward the barrel release switch on the side of the pepper gun. 2. Carefully hold onto the exposed area of the old cartridge and pull gently outwards to take the old cartridge out of the chamber. 3. Slide in the new cartridge gently in the barrel, then push close to secure the barrel. The Mace OC Refill Cartridge Pepper Gun is designed to safely and effectively stop an attack before it happens. The power of the pepper spray will make them cough, choke, and cause their eyes to slam shut in debilitating pain, but with no long term or permanent damage. For added protection, you can check off attackers with the included UV dye which will help law enforcement investigate the situation long after they've gone. Made in the USA Product Features: - 28 grams each - Safely disabled attackers - Powerful formula causes coughing, choking and eyes tear shut in pain - No lasting or permanent harm - Included UV dye helps law enforcement investigate situation after attacker has left

Mace Pepper Gun Refill 2pc OC Cartridge

SKU: 80421
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