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21" Automatic Expandable Steel Baton. Just a push of a button jumps 21.5" of steel into your hand. Your attacker won't know the tables have turned until it's too late! Extending from 9" to 21.5" in one lightning smooth motion, the Automatic Steel Baton has the highest quality construction for strength & durability. Coated to prevent corrosion and a firm, black rubber sleeved handle for a grip that keeps the baton steady and menacing. When you need to re-tract the baton, simply push the tip with your palm to close. The world's first easy to close steel baton, there is no need to strike the tip on a hard floor or struggle to close this steel baton. Preferred by security guards and law enforcement officials worldwide. Also ideal for Postman, Hikers, & Glass Breaking for Emergency Exits! Product Features: - Push Button Automatic Operation. - Includes nylon holster with belt loop - Extends from 9" to 21.5" with just the push of a button. - High quality solid construction for durability & strength. - Split Second, frictionless extension. - Thickness of handle: 1 1/8" - Thickness including Lever: 1 3/4" - Weight: 1.55lbs

21" Automatic Expandable Steel Baton

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